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Devos, Christelle

Christelle Devos is working as a researcher at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). After her degree in the faculty of Psychology and Education, she completed a PhD focusing on beginning teachers’ well-being. She investigated how self-related and working environment variables are likely to influence novice teachers’ self-efficacy and feelings of depression in the face of difficulties and challenges. Her current work focuses on the completion of the PhD process and aims at identifying why some PhD students successfully complete their PhD while others loose their motivation and give up. Her broader research interests relate to teachers’ motivation and emotions, in relation to their gender and teaching subjects. She is currently working in the Motivation and Learning lab of her university, with Mariane Frenay and Benoit Galand. She also went on a post-doctoral stay in Monash university with Helen Watt and Paul Richardson.

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