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Schrijver, de, Katrien

Katrien De Schrijver: staf member STEM-platform since July 2013

With this project we want to increase the number of students in STEM education and we want to encourage them to get involved in STEM jobs once they are graduated. Another important aspect is to increase the social value and appreciation of technical and technological professions.

This project is set up by the Flemish government in order to reach their goal: By 2020 Flanders has to be one of the top economically innovative and sustainable regions.

The members of the STEM-platform are individual experts in one of the STEM domains and are appointed by the Flemish government to give independent advice according to the STEM-project.

One of the themes they focus on is “how to encourage girls and women to choose STEM studies and STEM  jobs.”

In order to be able to give accurate advice in this matter it is important to be aware of all the information available on this issue. On the other hand it is also important to share all this knowledge

Therefore I would like to participate in the network “Gender and STEM”.

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