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Schorr, Angela

Angela Schorr is a professor of media psychology and educational psychology at the University of Siegen in (NRW), Germany.  She received her diploma and doctoral degrees at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and earned a second doctoral degree at the University of Eichstätt. She has been president/chairwoman of the German Association of Professional Psychologists, the European Communication and Education Association, the Ethics Committee of the German Association of Psychology. Currently she is the president of the German Association of Media Effects Research. While focusing on psychological research on health, education, and media, she came across the unresolved gender problems in field of information science. As the study of professionalization processes of academic professions has always been one of her important research interests, she combined these two topics in a first study on youth, gender and computer science in cooperation with the TUMLab in Munich. A second study run in NRW and partly based on the results of the first, addresses the schools’ information environment and a representative sample of teachers (187 schools and 412 teachers participating), focusing on their gendered views on the topic.

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