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Ihsen, Susanne

Prof. Dr. Susanne Ihsen, Sociologist, PhD in 1999 (RWTH Aachen). Between 1999 to 2004 scientist and manager at the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in the department for profession and career. Since December 2004 full professor for Gender Studies in Science and Engineering at Technische Universität Munchen (TUM). Fields of research: gender and diversity related cultural change of society, organizations and their processes, concerning their potential for innovation with regard to relevant target groups (scientists, consumers, community members). Experience in qualitative social and market research. Several third party founded research projects, guest professorships, expert for scientific and political affairs. Deputy chair of the Gender and Diversity working group of the Societè Européene pour la Formation des Ingènieurs (SEFI), and Board Member of the European Journal of Engineering Education.
Publications: www.gender.edu.tum.de

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