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Tala, Rocio

Rocío Tala studied Primary School Education in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in 2008. She worked as a teacher in several different schools, such as private and public schools, hospital schools and vulnerable schools. In 2015 she started working in an NGO called ComunidadMujer, which is an independent and inclusive organization, leader in debate and research on gender issues. It actively proposes the creation of public policies that promote women´s participation in the labour and political spheres, strengthening work-life integration and family and social co-responsibility. Rocío Tala has participated in education-gender projects such as “Economic empowerment of women: denaturing gender bias in education” and “Reducing the gender gap in education: construction of new narratives of inclusion in the Antofagasta Region”. In both projects she designed and worked in intervention programs for schools and universities. Now, Rocío is in the Education, Gender and International Development MA program at UCL.

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