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Fujimoto, Tetsushi

Tetsushi Fujimoto is a professor of sociology at Graduate School of Policy and Management, and the deputy director of the Institute for Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. His research interests include the intersection of gender, work, and family. He is currently investigating the career development processes of Japanese women in STEM fields. Another project focuses on the gender differences in imposter phenomenon among young Japanese scientists in fixed-term appointment. His recent article, co-authored with Sayaka Shinohara and Tsuyoshi Oohira, titled "Work-Family Conflict and Depression for Employed Husbands and Wives in Japan: Moderating Roles of Self and Spousal Role Involvement" received the 2015 Outstanding Author Contribution award in Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research from Emerald Group Publishing.

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