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Veldman, Jenny

Jenny Veldman is a PhD candidate at the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology at the University of Leuven. In 2014, she completed a selective research master program in Social and Health Psychology at the University of Utrecht (cum laude). In her PhD project, Jenny focuses on understanding women’s underrepresentation in work and study fields such as STEM from a social identity perspective. She investigates how women actively cope with negative stereotypes to maintain their well-being, motivation, and performance in these fields. More specifically, she investigates how the context can elicit concerns about belonging and achievement, and how regulating behavior, affect, and cognition in the service of these goals affects motivation, interest, and engagement, and ultimately the choices women make regarding their work or studies. Using different methods (such as experimental, longitudinal, and experience sampling methods) she studies these issues among women facing STEM decisions (e.g., high school girls making decisions about advanced courses) as well as women starting something new in a STEM area (e.g., first-year STEM students). 

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