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Taffard, Kylie

I have worked as a Maths Teacher for a number of years in New Zealand and the UK.  I have seen the numbers of female students in my clases decline over the years and know this is a direct barrier to Young women entering the trades.  In my EdD research I am investigating the barriers and enablers for women in trades.


Currently an Assistant Principal at a single sex school in Auckland, New Zealand.  I have developed an all female trades academy to encourage more females into Hard Technology programmes, such as Multiskills (Construction) and Electrotechnology.  This has sparked my interest in understanding why females are not gravitating towards these occupations. 


I also have a keen interest in how to support Young people into meaningful work.  This links to my research as much of the literature in this field is focused on Young Women studying Engineering or Construction Management at University.  There appears to be very little that looks at Young women entering at apprentice level.

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