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Ertl, Bernhard

Bernhard Ertl is professor for learning and teaching with media at Universität der Bundeswehr München. Before that, he was professor for educational technology at Donau-Universität Krems. He worked and works in several research projects to design and evaluate methods of instructional design with a particular focus on the individual’s aptitudes and prerequisites. He developed a specific research focus on gender equality issues in the field STEM: in this context he worked on concepts for gender mainstreaming in STEM didactics and gender specific facilitation methods. Examples for these are the EU-funded project PREDIL dedicated at PRomoting Equality in DIgital Literacy or Mit-Mut, a project that aimed at developing a computer game for facilitating female pupils’ interest and self-concept in the fields of information and communication technologies and entrepreneurship. A wider focus on gender in STEM provided e.g. in the research project SESTEM that investigated how far individual, school, and family factors influence career choices of females for STEM

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