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Watt, Helen

Helen M.G. Watt is Professor of Educational Psychology and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at The University of Sydney. Previously she has served on the Faculties of Monash University, the University of Michigan, University of Western Sydney, University of Sydney, and Macquarie University. Her interests include motivation, gendered educational and occupational choices, motivations for teaching, teacher self-efficacy, longitudinal research, and quantitative methods. Her current research work has implications for redressing the gender imbalance in mathematics- and science-related careers, and for supporting the career and professional development of beginning teachers. Helen is currently Associate Editor for AERA Open and previously for Educational Research Review, and has served on the Editorial Boards for Contemporary Educational Psychology; International Journal for Quantitative Research in Education; the Journal of Research on Adolescence; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Journal of Experimental Education; Equal Opportunities International; and the Australian Journal of Education. She has received national and international research awards, attracted substantial external funding, and co-edited recent books and journal special issues including Global Perspectives on Teacher MotivationGender and Occupational Outcomes;  Understanding Womens Choice of Mathematics- and Science-Related Careers; and Motivation for Teaching.
Website: sydney.edu.au/<wbr></wbr>education_social_work/about/<wbr></wbr>staff/profiles/helen.watt.php

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