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Smiler, Andrew

Dr. Smiler is a developmental psychologist whose work examines sexual development among 15-25 year olds, with particular attention to the role of individual differences and normative aspects of sexual behavior. He also studies masculinity, primarily definitions of and adherence to different aspects of masculine norms; this research includes both male and female participants. Dr. Smiler has methodological experience with quantitative and qualitative data, as well as moderately large data sets (n>500).  Prior to his PhD, he was a family therapist for 5 years. As co-investigator on a Department of Agriculture grant (via Cooperative Extension), as well as an independent researcher working with graduate students and undergrads, he has experience regarding all aspects of project development. His prior experiences as a researcher and program director have emphasized the importance of open collaboration, clear delineation of responsibilities, the explicit statement of task deadlines, and the need for flexibility. 


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