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Leaper, Campell

Campbell Leaper is a developmental and social psychologist who investigates the origins and consequences of gender inequalities across the lifespan. His social-psychological approach is reflected through his consideration of the interrelations among the person, the situation, and society. In addition, his developmental perspective is seen through his study of the childhood origins and long-term consequences of gender typing. According to Professor Leaper's analysis, gender-differentiated experiences during childhood maintain and perpetuate gender inequalities in the larger society.

Professor Leaper advises and collaborates with graduate students in the developmental psychology program. He also teaches and supervises undergraduate psychology majors.

Research Interests:

- social construction and socialization of gender in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood;
- sexist attitudes and experiences with sexism;- self-concept and personal identity;
- social identity;
- language and social interaction;
- peers, friends, families, and other social relationships;
- gender bias in the schools;
- academic and athletic achievement; and
- images of gender in the media.

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