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Lazarides, Rebecca

Rebecca Lazarides is a research collaborator and Phd-student at the Department of Educational Psychology at the Institute of Technology in Berlin, Germany. She completed her Diploma in Educational Science at the Free University in Berlin, Germany in 2008 with distinction. In her doctoral research, Rebecca addresses instructional features of teaching behaviors which are related to female and male secondary school students’ interest, motivation and self-concept in math and science. Her doctoral thesis is part of the research project “GeMiS-Gender, Migration and School” (2009-2011), which was funded by the European Social Fund. In the course of this research project, Rebecca developed and implemented a teacher training concerning interest-enhancement in the STEM disciplines. Rebecca has a strong interest in quantitative methods. She teaches a course on “Quantitative methods in educational research” . In her work she focuses on person-centered and variable-centered research approaches in classroom research. Her most recent publications concerning gender-related teaching and learning processes in the STEM-area is the editors’ volume “Dealing with diversity in mathematics and science classes” (Title in German: “Differenzierung im mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht”) which she co-edited with Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel.



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