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Webster, Juliet

My work focuses on employment equality, and on actions needed to advance this agenda. My particular concerns have been with the situation of women in ICT jobs, and, at the other end of the labour market, with that of women in unskilled service occupations. I address these issues through research, policy and practical measures.  Together with colleagues in the IN3 Gender and Technology Programme, I am currently engaged in a cross-national comparison of the presence of women in ICT professions, and of the measures different countries have taken to increase women’s participation. 

I have held positions at several universities in the UK and beyond, including Edinburgh, East London, Vienna, Trinity College in Dublin, and now, at the Open University of Catalunya. Beyond higher education, I have worked in DG Employment of the European Commission, and in the third sector as a Director of the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) in London. 

My books include Shaping Women’s Work: Gender, Employment and Information Technology; The Information Society in Europe: Work and Life in an Age of Globalisation; and Office Automation: the Labour Process and Women’s Work in Britain.

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