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Korpershoek, Hanke

Hanke Korpershoek (1982) is assistant professor (university lecturer) at the Groningen Institute for Educational Research (GION) at the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on the utilization of (science) talent in education. Using longitudinal cohort data, she studied students’ choice behaviour in secondary education. Based on several decision making theories (for example rational choice theory, expectancy-value theory, multi-attribute utility theory), she searched for plausible explanations to find out why few students (particularly few girls) choose advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics courses in secondary education and/or enter a science-oriented study in higher education. In 2011, she published her PhD thesis “Search for Science Talent in the Netherlands” including six empirical studies about this topic. Currently, her research aims at understanding the relation among personality characteristics, sex, and school subject choices of secondary school students. Moreover, she studies the impact of student motivation and school commitment on educational outcomes in Dutch secondary education.

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