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Schippers, Joop

Joop Schippers is professor of Labour and Gender Economics at Utrecht University, faculty of Law, Economics and Governance..

Earlier he was a member of the Dutch National Committee on Equal Opportunity (Emancipatieraad) and the Netherlands Gender Audit Committee (Visitatiecommissie Emancipatiebeleid).

He has published a series of books and articles on male-female wage differences, human capital investments, labour market flexibility and organisational behaviour with respect to women and older workers. Earlier he participated in European projects like FENICs (Female Participation and Family formation in National Economic Contexts), WELLKNOW (on gender and the knowledge based society) and TLM.net (on transitional labour markets). He is the scientific co-ordinator of the EU 7th framework project ASPA (Activating Senior Potential in Ageing Europe) and also participates in the EU-project QUALITY on the quality of work and the work-life balance in organisations.

During different scientific projects funded by the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) he supervised a total of fifteen PhD-students on different subjects in the field of labour market economics.

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