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Luppi, Elena

Elena Luppi is researcher and assistant professor of Educational Research at the Department of Education Sciences "Giovanni Maria Bertin" of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

She teaches “Theories and methods of planning and evaluation” and “Methodology of Educational Research” in the Faculty of Education.

She conducted some researches and training activities concerning the topic Gender and Education. She is member of the Centre for Gender and Education Studies of the Departement of Education-

She is the Italian representative for the University of Bologna in WiTEC - the European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

She has been conducting since 2002 some specific researches concerning an educational approach to third age realising empirical surveys and participating to educational projects in Universities of the third age and Social centres for elderly, social services and houses for retitement.

She conducts training-action researches, held in secondary schools and vocational training contexts. She participated to the planning and the carrying out of some monitoring projects and researches involving teachers as well as trainees in Italy.

She has been involved in some projects aimed at realizing and assessing e-learning paths for educating to sustainable development education.<xml></xml>

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