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  Newsletter Gender & STEM #5, December 2013
Second Gender & STEM Network Conference
Special issue International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology
Call for research hints and Network grants
Exchange of relevant research information
Compilation Newsletter:
(Dutch) national expert organisation on women/girls and STEM
E GenderandSTEM@vhto.nl, jansen@vhto.nl, joukes@vhto.nl
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2nd Gender & STEM Network Conference 3-5 July 2014
This international conference will take place at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany and highlights the roles of schools, families and workplaces for supporting or constraining girls/women and boys/men to choose and persist in STEM, versus other pathways.
The 2014 conference is funded by the German Research Association (DFG) and aims to present empirical research and educational policies, concerning how individual and social aspects impact individuals’ motivation, attitudes, performance, educational and career choices and pathways into STEM fields. Complementary perspectives will address how such pathways can be facilitated at various points along students’ and young adults’ educational and occupational development.
Deadline for abstract submission is 30 January 2014. See Call for papers 2014 for more details about deadlines and submission formats.
We hope to welcome you in Berlin in the summer of 2014! The timing is deliberately chosen to precede ICAP 2014 in Paris, 8-13 July (extended deadline for proposals due 16 Nov. More information 
Best regards, on behalf of the Gender & STEM conference organization team:
Rebecca Lazarides and Angela Ittel (TU-Berlin), Helen Watt (Monash University) in collaboration with VHTO, The Netherlands.
Special issue International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology
We are delighted to announce the publication of the Special Issue of the International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology entitled ‘Gendered Pathways Towards (and away from) STEM Fields’, that was produced in association with Network Gender and STEM and Guest Editors Helen Watt, Gertje Joukes and Noortje Jansen (VHTO)
The Table of Contents is listed below, see link. Please visit the website to download free copies of any of the papers in this special issue. We'd be grateful if you could forward this notification to your colleagues and networks.
International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology Vol 5, No 3 (2013) Table of Contents
The Network has currently 69 members. Welcome to our new members (12 since the last newsletter in January): Carmen Leicht-Scholten (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Erica Weisgram (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, US), Jaana Viljaranta (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Janette Bobis (University of Sydney, Australia), Elena Luppi (University of Bologna, Italy), Carlo Tomasetto (University of Bologna Italy), Emily Coyle (The Pennsylvania State University, US), Penelope Watson (University of Auckland, New Zealand, Katinka Best (Institute of Technology Berlin, Germany), Demet Yazilitas (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)  Marina Ranga (Stanford University, US), Vandana Patlur (University of Auckland, New Zealand). Learn more about our fellow members and their research (alphabetically ordered).
Members can update their own information (short biography, picture, web links, etcetera) by logging in the website.
Please update your profile regularly!
All Network members received a login and password for the Network Forum (log in and go to ‘Forum’). There are several discussion threads to follow. You can start a new thread as well. From the beginning the forum has not been active. We would like to find another platform to share research and practical information and experiences, form consortia to apply for research funding, etcetera. If you have any ideas of how to activate an open information exchange between members, please contact Noortje Jansen jansen@vhto.nl.
Call for research hints and Network grants
VHTO needs more ‘revenues’ from the Network, in order to be able to continue the secretariat, website and newsletter; they are not subsidized! So, please, inform us about relevant research results (own research or research of fellow researchers), and/or look out for grants, possible participation of VHTO as a Network member in international programs and projects etc. Re. relevant research: VHTO especially needs more research results about parents’ and peer influence on educational choices of female (and male) students, gender and STEM in teacher training (primary and secondary education), the effectiveness of female professionals as role models, gender in vocational STEM training, which jobs women enter at the transition from STEM education to work, and on professional careers of STEM women (especially non-academic careers at different levels).
Exchange of relevant research information
One of the goals of our Network is to inform each other about relevant new research results regarding Gender & STEM. We received some recently published articles from members and added here. Please inform us about any recent research concerning the subject of gender and STEM that you come across.
The following upcoming conference may be of interest to Network members:
Network Gender & STEM: 2nd Gender and STEM Network conference: Gender and STEM: What schools, families, and workplaces can do.
3-5 July 2014, Berlin, http://www.genderandstem.com/conference.
ICAP: 28th Congress of Applied Psychology
8-13 July 2014, Paris. Extended deadline for individual papers and posters: 16th of December 2013, http://www.icap2014.com/call-for-individual-papers-and-posters/68
STEM Education and Our Planet: Making Connections Across Contexts
12-15 July, 2014, UBC Vancouver, http://stem2014.ubc.ca