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Title: Gendered study choice: a literature review. A review of theory and research into the unequal representation of male and female students in mathematics, science, and technology.

Authors: Yazilitas, Svensson, Vries, de & Saharso

Published:(2013) Educational Research and Evaluation:An International Journal on Theory and Practice, Vol. 9, Iss 6, p.525-545.

This article presents an overview of the recent literature on gendered patterns of academic choice in mathematics, science, and technology. It distinguishes in this literature microlevel, macro-level, and institutional explanations. Micro-level explanations focus primarily on psychological constructs, that is, variables at the level of the individual students. Macro-level explanations focus primarily on socioeconomic conditions and cultural understandings of gender roles. Institutional explanations focus on design characteristics of (national) education systems. After a presentation of these perspectives and of recent research progress that has been made, the authors critically discuss the lacunae that still exist in explaining cross-national variety, and provide suggestions for designing future research in this field.